Editorial policy

Ripplesprice Mission

Ripplesprice mission is to chronicle the blockchain crusade and create a gathering for all-important discussions among those improving a most productive and inclusive digital economy.

Editorial Independence

We maintain principles of fairness, accuracy, neutrality and accountable reporting. We uphold following principles greatness in reporting original report and in reviewing and buttressing information from other sources.

The editorial team will submerge news with objectivity and stability, without the influence of the publisher or its owners and investors. Ripplesprice does not accept payment in return for news articles, facets or produce reviews.

We accept payment for the publication of press releases within the relevant clause of the area. We strive to ensure press releases are clearly observed and adequately labeled.

Editorial Transparency

All editorial team members and scribes for Ripplesprice disclose investments and activities associated with digital currency.

The following FAQs are intended to provide additional purity on Ripplesprice, its leadership and the investments of its owners.

Included are answers to common questions about the activities of Ripplesprice and its owners with respect to the digital money and blockchain-based asset markets.

Who Owns Ripplesprice?

Mr. James Darko.

Who Founded Ripplesprice?

Ripplesprice was started in 2017 by investor James Darko.

Do Ripplesprice Employees Own or Trade Digital Currencies?

Ripplesprice employees are not limited from owning or investing in digital currencies or blockchain-based activities as investments.

However, Ripplesprice has exposure recommendations that all backers must follow when to provide information on digital currencies or clues in which they are invested.

Namely, Writer who write about activities or startups in which they have invested must disclose those investments in their user bios, which can be accessed freely by clicking on their byline. Ripplesprice helps may use, acquisition or handle digital currencies in conjunction with researching or reporting on a tale. Any stores generated in the process of researching an article must be disclosed at the bottom of that article. Ripplesprice benefactors who own digital monies or clues in material extents( defined as more than $500) are required to disclose the information collected in their user bios.