Guidebook: How to redeem and sell all Bitcoin fork coins – $ 272 in “free money” per Bitcoin held through Nov/ Dec

I only spent about a day looking into the various bitcoin forks and tried to redeem/ sell them whenever possible. I can say with a good quantity of certainty that the forks listed below are the only ones worth anyone’s time.

Based on the prices I got, you should be able to get around $272 for every bitcoin you held through these forks, with decent chances of another ~$ 50 from BTF soon. Hopefully these instructions should induce the process a little faster for anyone else very interested in what’s essentially free money.

These instructions necessitate significant security dangers that I expect you to know how to mitigate. If you’re not 100% sure you can do this safely, don’t do it all. Otherwise you risk losing your entire btc/ crypto stack for some pocket change.

If this helped you, I’d be happy to accept a SBTC( Super bitcoin) tip-off at 1273 hrKozsPK7 4aDaLWjLaicPPpM8tGFZN before you send the rest of it to 🙂

Super bitcoin( SBTC)

Forked: Block 498888, Dec 12 Ratio: 1:1 Trading at $105 – 0.7% Lookup tx history to discovery addresses with coins in them at block 498888 Get your private keys. If you have a seed( BIP3 9 Mnemonic ), you can use https :// bip3 9 /( offline version) to get them. Type in your seed, then select derivation route: Breadwallet/ multibit: BIP3 2, Custom, m/ 0 ‘/ 0 Ledger/ Trezor: BIP4 9 Install bither on android( bither on iOS are not in favour of SBTC or BCD yet) and setup new wallet Install bitpay( ios& android) and setup new billfold Settings –> Advanced options –> Import private key –> Import private key text –> Type or scan QR code of private key ( Still in Advanced alternatives) Choose “Get SBTC”, picking address with monies, get sbtc receiving address from bitpay, send.( Receiving address must come from bitpay app) Send from bitpay to Sell on Forked: Block 495866, Nov 24 Ratio: 10:1 Trading at $15 – you get 0.9% or $153 per BTC Go back to Advanced options in bither, choose “Get BCD”, send to bitpay Send from bitpay to Sell on Forked: Block 492820, Nov 02 Ratio: 0.5: 1 Trading at $27 – you get 0.08% or $13.5 per BTC Import your BCX with coinomi( android) Use your seed: Restore a new wallet using your seed, open the btc wallet. Hit menu –>+ COINS –> Bitcore –> Advanced –> Type in the appropriate derivation path( M/ 0’ for multibit/ breadwallet, others can be googled) Use your private keys Generate a new wallet, choose Bitcore Tap top-right icon –> sweep billfold Type or scan your individual private keys( ensure sbtc instructions or google how to find it for your wallet) Send from coinomi to hitbtc Sell on hitbtc Forked: Block 498888, Dec 12( Same as SBTC) Ratio: 10,000: 1 Trading at $0.08= 4.4% or $796 per BTC( I’m assuming it will crash when deposits open) The only wallet that potentially supports this atm is’s iOS app. It requires you to circumvent the app store and install from an untrusted dev. I’m not scheming on doing that. No exchanges permit deposits yet( checked,, hitbtc, yobit, okex and Forked: Block 500000, Dec 18 Ratio: 1:1 Trading at $79= 0.4%( I’m assuming it will crash when deposits open)