IOTA and Tangle discussion/ info, scam or not?

In the past weeks I heard a lot pros and cons about IOTA, many of them I believe were not true( I’ll explain better ). I would like to start a serious deliberation about IOTA and help people to get into it. Before that I’ll contribute with what I know, most things that I will say will have a source connection providing some base content.

The pros and cons that I heard a lot is listed below, I’ll discuss the items marked with *.


No transaction fees Scalability* No miners Resistance to quantum computations Offline transactions( partitioning ) Big team with specialized people Non-profit entity recognised by the german govern Extending offices across the world( Berlin, Oslo, Chicago, Singapore) Partnerships with big companies* Real use lawsuit applications* Hardware supporting Centralization* Worst wallet( v2. 5.4) in cryptospace* Not user-friendly yet( address reuse, reattach, snapshots) Congested network* No smart contracts yet No anonymity yet Past vulnerability issues* Core code written in ternary( is this a con ?) Fake partnerships* Bosch Volkswagen Fujitsu Innogy Sopra Steria Lattice8 0 Data Marketplace( 30+ companies developing their own project using IOTA) Bosch XDK device[ 1 ] [ 2 ] Bosch presentation meetup and how is using IOTA tangle IOTA Electric vehicle charging station by ELaad[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] IOTA and its practical application in the automotive industry NetObjex demonstrates decentralized smart parking solution with IOTA Machine Tagging for Digital Twins by Innogy Machine learning as a service by CognIOTA Wechat group in China( Alibaba, Amazon, xiaomi, ChinaTelecom, okex, USTC, CAS, BNU, SJTU envolved) SatoshiPay – IOTA pay per content proof of idea “IOTA in serious discussions with central bank to introduce e-currency” – Former UBS CIO T. Bussmann World’s Largest Fintech on IOTA New Innovation Lab IOTA Foundation has revolutionised IoT – Key Deutsche Bank Blockchain Report Connection rejected request error: invalid transaction hash Pending transaction for days Wallet not showing the correct balance Headaches with snapshots Employing a node that’s down/ slacken Not reattaching Not having your wallet set up properly( min weight 14, etc .) Curl disclosure, beyond the headline CFB’s response to Neha Narula’s blogpost Jeremy Epstein response Neha Narula’s blogpost IOTA whitepaper IOTA whitepaper explained IOTA roadmap Official IOTA blog IOTA Slack channel IOTA Glossary IOTA Guide and FAQ IOTA consensus masterclass IOTA double-spending masterclass List of public IOTA nodes Incentives to run a IOTA full node IOTA AMA jun 17 th 2017 IOTA AMA sept 8th 2017 IOTA AMA nov 29 th 2017