My letter to CNBC about the article that exploded last night. Feel free to use it if you’d like.

I simply want to express my disgust with your “journalist” Saheli Roy Choudhury. She constantly writes biased articles that shed a false negative light onto cryptocurrency. It seems as though she has a hidden agenda against the technology for some reason. This is one of the main issues that’s holding cryptocurrency back- we need educational and truthful articles that can help mainstream adoption, instead of ones that spread anxiety and doubt that confirm the general public’s irrational guess about it.

Late last night she wrote and article about South Korea banning cryptocurrency.( https :// 2018/01/ 10/ south-korea-official-reportedly-readying-bill-to-ban-all-cryptocurrency-trading.html? __source= sharebar | twitter& par= sharebar)

This article fails to provide the most important facts to the story- one’s that she intentionally left out. South Korea was never going to ban cryptocurrency or exchanges. The South Korean government had already stated last month that they planned to ban exchanges that do not meet their regulations- whether that be fake accounts or tax evasion.

Her false headline and article send the market into a anxiety, and the South Korean government had to even explicitly say that there would be no trading ban( https :// iamjosephyoung/ status/ 9514288540 8568934 4 ). She utilized old news to make a scare-tactic narrative and it ran. If CNBC wants to keep their credibility I sincerely urge you to remove Saheli Roy Choudhury as journalist on your site.

If this isn’t the right place to send this I would appreciate it if you could forward it to the correct department. Thank you.

Edit- for those working asking, here is something you can re-tweet- https :// HamlnHand/ status/ 9514941020 6710579 7

Edit 2- for those who don’t know, the title and article have been edited. This is what it originally was- http :// hz364u

Also, to the people defending her and CNBC- take a look at the recommended videos in the article. 1) Comparing crypto to tulips. 2) Bitcoin’s origin narrative being shady. 3) Warren Buffett- THE GUY WHO Employs A FLIP PHONE- saying crypto will fail. If this isn’t fucking FUD then I don’t know what is .

Modum can save the pharmaceutical industry billions every year. Gridcoin is trying to advance science use crypto. Encrypgen is helping people take control of their genomic data and use it for research. Those are just a few in the medical sector from the top of my head that will all help the general public in the end. Where the fucking are videos about all the positive things that crypto can bring ?!

We cannot stand for these people spreading FUD about crypto when education, truth, and real world use suits require spreading more .

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