Oh look it’s Dennis Kucinich at a sketchy blockchain-based state yacht party

And the state will be decentralized!

Image: Mark Wilson/getty

When you’re a shady organization railing against regulation and advocating for a blockchain-based society, it pays to have friends in strange places. 

Decenturion, the latest head-scratcher to emerge out of the blockchain fever dream, appears to have found just such a friend in the form of a yacht-partying former Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

The mysterious group, which didn’t answer a host of emailed questions regarding its financial backing, claims to be in the process of opening physical embassies around the world with the goal of “being acknowledged with the status of an independent state of a new society.” 

But wait, there’s more. Decenturion’s manifesto speaks of casting aside the “inhibitors” (aka government officials) in favor of “the innovators, who dare to follow the path of progress,” and its numerous bizarro Youtube videos railing against representative democracy and the Olympics (“a rigged farce put on by the chemical industry”) come across as a mix between a marketing student’s prank and a QAnon wet dream. 

So to celebrate the wacko confluence of new money and aggrandized self-importance the crypto-boom has made possible, on June 4, Decenturion threw a yacht party on what it dubbed a “floating embassy” located at Pier 40 in New York, City. 

Thankfully for us, Decenturion posted photos from the event to its Facebook page

“There’s no earthly way of knowing / Which direction we are going.”

Image: decenturion facebook page

And yeah, those photos show that for some reason former Congressman and 2008 Democratic party presidential nominee hopeful Dennis Kucinich showed up with his wife Elizabeth. 

All smiles.

Image: decenturion facebook page

It’s not exactly clear what they were doing there. We reached out to both Decenturion and Mr. Kucinich regarding his involvement but received no response as of press time. 

But it’s not like he just accidentally stumbled in on a cult party while in search of free champagne. The event invite makes pretty clear what’s going on.  

“The [Blockchain for Impact] Global Summit at the UN will be followed by a special evening event,” read the invitation. “BFI members and invited guests will gather at the floating embassy of DECENTURION, the first decentralized autonomous society. DECENTURION is the world’s only decentralized state, in which the economy, governance, and communications are built on blockchain technology and where all resources such as money, power, and glory belong to its residents.”

And attendees checked in at a table adjacent to a huge Decenturion sign declaring “enough with taxes!” 

The decentralized future starts with a registration line.

Image: decenturion facebook page

But maybe, just maybe, Kucinich knows something that we non-blockchain based suckers don’t. It’s possible that he sees which way the pre-nuclear winds are blowing and is planning his escape now. 

For his sake, we just hope he’s brushed up on the current state of Ayn Rand fan-fiction. Because damn, we’re not sure there’s much else being discussed on the floating libertarian fantasy “tied to Ethereum” that is Decenturion. 

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